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A model division III athletics program

The Central College athletics program’s success level has soared since P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium was constructed more than 45 years ago. But the facilities have been outgrown.

Since 1970
Iowa Conference Championships
Iowa Conference Championships

The heart of the A.N. Kuyper Athletics Complex and the proud Dutch athletics tradition: P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium.

P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium is the headquarters for Central’s athletics program. However, more than 45 years after construction, it’s no longer able to match the quality of Central’s athletes and teams.


Stat Comparison
94 percent

The A.N. Kuyper Athletics Complex serves more than athletes. More than 94 percent of Central’s students were athletics facilities users in the past year.

Schipper Stadium

Out of Room.

P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium’s aging infrastructure must be replaced. And a building designed to serve 200 athletes in 1969, now must handle more than 700, turning hallways into athletic training treatment areas. Facilities are in use from 5 a.m.-11 p.m.

It’s often been said that the athletics department is a college’s front porch. Student-athletes comprise a significant part of Central’s enrollment and many of the college’s competitors are making major athletics facilities upgrades.

This is the time not just for a renovation, but a transformation that will accentuate Central’s position as an intercollegiate leader, as well as a model for whole-person development.

Schipper Stadium
Football made me set standards for myself as an athlete, as well as a student—to do everything with a passion and a purpose, and to do it to my full capability. There is no doubt in my mind that playing football at Central College changed my life, and it changed it for the better." Travis Hook '13